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Gary Lee Price - "Cartwheel Kids Set"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Cartwheel Kids Set
Medium: Bronze
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Special set value. Select your size when adding to cart. Sculptures are also available separately.

"Nothing exemplifies the enjoyment of open spaces like kids doing cartwheels! I tried to capture the enthusiasm and adventuresome nature of kids playing in the park; qualities that at times we lose sight of. I hope these kids ‘re-remind’ us to have fun in all that we do!" Gary Lee Price

"Cartwheel Kids Set" shows four bronze sculptures depicting dynamic figures in various stages of movement and play. From left to right: the first figure is caught in a moment of joyful leap, arms wide open and one leg extended back, suggesting a moment of carefree abandon. The second figure is in a handstand position with legs playfully split in the air, embodying a sense of balance and athleticism. The third figure is upside down in an almost acrobatic tumble or flip, with one arm reaching for the ground to control the motion. The last figure is seated on the ground, with one knee up and a hand supporting the body from behind, resembling the aftermath of a playful fall or a resting pose. The sculptures display a celebration of movement, youth, and the human form, characterized by fluidity and expressiveness.