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Frank Discussion


About Frank Discussion

Frank D. was born in Flora, Mississippi in 1955 to interesting parents and was an only child, as far as he knew. He was lonely so he painted, did drawings and hoped to become something more than what his parents expected, which wasn't much...
He was a bit slow in school.  He spent a little too much time laughing at the kids getting in trouble, so that's why I am writing this for him. I am his childhood friend, Shug Johnson. 
He did odd jobs around town cooking for a hot dog stand and washing used cars at a new car dealership. Finally one day it hit him like a sack of nearly cooked potatoes, why not paint for a living?  He was pretty good at it and sold a few paintings here and there so he took the leap like a crayfish out of water and decided this was his destiny. 
His wife Lula has always been by his side and helps keep Frank organized but never straightens the studio. Lula is young at heart and when she laughs her eyes twinkle like a little girl.    
He can talk a pretty good talk and paint some interesting paintings, but has a hard time putting words down on paper.  So his art speaks for him in a happy, fun loving way. He works in acrylic and really hates the smell of oil paints. So there you have most of the story with more on the way...
Hope you enjoy the paintings and they put a smile on your face.  Frank tells me he wanted to make them affordable to y'all so you could start your own collection.