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Dave Newman - "Three Circles"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Three Circles
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 6"h x 20"w

"Three Circles" is an abstract painting featuring vibrant colors and geometric shapes. It consists of a horizontal canvas that is segmented into multiple sections. Each section is filled with distinct color patterns and textures, creating a visually rich tapestry. On the left side of the canvas, there is a blue segment juxtaposed with a bold red-orange block beneath it. Moving toward the center, we encounter a textured gray area decorated with white dots. This section is contrasted by a warm, incandescent series of red and orange hues above it. Further to the right, three circles overlap a blend of yellow, green, and blue with softly blended strokes. The overall impression of the painting is one of movement and energy, communicated through the artist's use of color, texture, and compositional balance. The differences in texture and the interplay of colors suggest an exploration of space, rhythm, and emotion, characteristic of abstract art.