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Lucy Dickens - "Sonoran Sun"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Sonoran Sun
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 36"h x 48"w

“'The desert, when the sun comes up. I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.' -Tom Hanks

Vast skies over the desert seem endless in their visual delights. As the sun rises and sets the vibrancy held within seems more intense…shimmering, almost dancing in tune with the silhouettes of grand Saguaros far below. Golds, oranges, and reds tint the desert foliage as warm light caresses far and wide. These incredible sentinels only grow in the Sonoran deserts of Arizona, northwestern Mexico, and southeastern California. The Saguaro is one of the most cherished icons of the Sonoran Desert, growing up to fifty feet high. The largest and most majestic can be over two centuries old!" Lucy Dickens

"Sonoran Sun" depicts a serene desert landscape. The sky is rendered in warm tones of pink, orange, and purple, reflecting the sun's light on the scattered cloud cover. Rays of sunlight break through the clouds, creating a dramatic effect that illuminates the scene below. Below the vibrant sky, the desert shows various cacti dotting the sandy terrain. The vegetation casts soft shadows on the ground, adding depth to the scene. In the distance, the colors fade into a soft gradient, suggesting the expansive stretch of the desert as it meets the horizon. The overall impression is one of tranquil beauty as the day transitions to evening.