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Lucy Dickens - "Shimmering Gold"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Shimmering Gold
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 14"h x 11"w

"One of my favorite prickly pear blooms are the Opuntia polyacantha or Nebraska Orange. The shimmering gold blooms, with deep red centers fading to orange and then gold, contrast stunningly against the blue sky. Shades of pinks, reds and lime greens in the buds add to the color explosion we are gifted with. This incredibly hardy variety thrives in virtual all US gardens, not just the southwest as they are hardy to subzero. What a beautiful visual of beauty, strength, and resilience." Lucy Dickens

"Shimmering Gold" is a detailed painting of vibrant yellow and orange cactus flowers in full bloom. The cactus itself is green with scattered spines, and a few buds depicting new growth. Soft gradients in the background suggest a hazy, diffused light. The petals of the flowers have a velvety texture, and the use of light and shadow gives the painting a three-dimensional feel, highlighting the delicate yet resilient beauty of desert flora.