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Richard C. Harrington - "Red Roofed Dairy Barn"

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Artist: Richard C. Harrington
Title: Red Roofed Dairy Barn
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 40"h x 30"w

"Red Roofed Dairy Barn" features a stylized depiction of a barn structure set against a vibrant blue sky speckled with touches of orange. The structure itself is rendered in a deep blue hue with a subtle gradient, giving it a solid appearance. It sports a traditional pitched roof with sharp angles and is outlined with a thin, red line that highlights its silhouette, adding a warm contrast to the cool blue tones of the building. The building has a single doorway without a visible door, represented by a vertical rectangular shape, allowing the exterior light to seep through. The ground is depicted with a broad green stroke at the base representing grass on which the structure stands. A soft transition from the greens of the ground to the pinks and oranges at the bottom edge of the painting gives an impression of warmth near the horizon. The overall effect is one of simplicity and bold color use, with a strong emphasis on geometric shapes and a serene, yet somewhat surreal, atmosphere.