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Michael Swearngin - "Southwest Full Moon - 1794"

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Artist: Michael Swearngin
Title: Southwest Full Moon - 1794
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 40"h x 40"w

"Southwest Full Moon - 1794" is an abstract landscape composed of geometric shapes and solid colors. It consists of a background that is primarily blue, and is divided horizontally by colorful terraced layers. These terraced areas are painted in distinct blocks of red and golden yellow. Each band has a crisp, straight edge, and the layers are flat with no shading or texture to convey depth—this gives the painting a two-dimensional, abstract quality. In the blue section, there is a solitary white circle indicating the presence of a full moon. The artwork is framed by a thin white border within a black background, which starkly contrasts the vibrant colors of the painting itself. The overall simplicity and the use of bold colors give the painting a calm and balanced feeling.