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Lucy Dickens - "Sweet Escape"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Sweet Escape
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 20"h x 24"w

"Birdsong fills my ears as I slowly drift around each bend. The majestic cliff edges and rock formations draw my eye. My gaze, like a caress, meanders over each slope and crevice. The subtle colors seem to shift before me and dance in the water reflections. What mighty power carved this terrain long ago.

The smell of pine fills me as I inhale deeply. Closing my eyes, the sound of aspen leaves quake gently in the distance. I drag my fingertips through the water and hear it gently lapping the banks. A sweet escape into this pristine woodland paradise washes the cares from my mind, renews my spirit, and heightens my senses." Lucy Dickens