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Dave Newman - "Two Saguaros"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Two Saguaros
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 20"h x 16"w

"Two Saguaros" is a vibrant, textured collage work featuring an abstract interpretation of a desert scene. Dominating the central portion of the canvas is a large, stylized Saguaro cactus that stands in front of a colorful backdrop. On the left, there is a circular motif with a geometric design, incorporating red, white, and black segments, reminiscent of Native American art styles. Drips, splatters, and expressive marks contribute to the energetic and tactile qualities of the work, creating a sense of depth and movement. Abstract shapes and forms surround the main subjects, hinting at additional natural and cultural elements associated with the desert environment.