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Dave Newman - "Matchbook Chief Series #NM103"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Matchbook Chief Series #NM103
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 34"h x 34"w

"Matchbook Chief Series #NM103" is a vibrant and colorful mixed media composition. It features a profile of a Native American figure in traditional attire, with a feather headdress , rendered with license plates that are cut out and collaged onto the canvas. The license plates, which spell out various US state names, intersperse the feathers of the headdress, creating a visual fusion of modern elements and traditional imagery. The background around the figure is a rich black, overlaid with expressive, scribbled text and spontaneous marks. Around the central image is a bold orange border with deliberate marks and textures, giving the piece a distressed appearance. At each corner of the border, there's a smaller square of bright color with a geometric pattern that resembles traditional Native American designs. The artwork combines various elements and styles, using a combination of collage and found objects to create a striking visual statement that is rich in cultural references and modern artistic expression.