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Stephen Hansen - "Breezing Up (Homer)"

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Artist: Stephen Hansen
Title: Breezing Up (Homer)
Medium: Acrylic/Paper Mache'
Dimensions: 21.5"h x 33.5"w

"Breezing Up Homer" depicts a dynamic nautical scene. There is a sailboat tossed by rough seas in the center of the painting, with its large, billowing sail. There are several figures aboard the boat, dressed in traditional seafaring gear, enclosing them in warm clothing with hats characteristic of an earlier era. They are attentively managing the boat, and it seems they are engaged in an intense effort to navigate the waters. On the right side of the artwork, there is an incongruous addition to the original scene. It shows a contemporary figure perched on a small wooden plank, seemingly finishing the painting. This figure is attired in a quirky, colorful splattered painter attire, complete with accessories including a hat, brush, and paint can. Their modern appearance contrasts sharply with the historical theme of the central image. This surreal juxtaposition brings a humorous element to the artwork. In the background, beyond the main sailboat, an additional sailing ship with two large sails can be seen on the horizon, reinforcing the nautical theme. The sky is rendered with impressionistic brushstrokes, creating a dynamic and dramatic effect with varying shades of blue, white, and gray. Overall, the altered painting mixes a serious, historically styled maritime painting with whimsical, modern intervention.