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Ana Maria Botero - "Beautiful Spring"

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Artist: Ana Maria Botero
Title: Beautiful Spring
Medium: Painted Glass Sculpture
Dimensions: 9"h x 12"w

"Beautiful Spring" is a three-dimensional representation of a flowering plant, with the composition spread across multiple glass sheets. The transparency of these sheets allows for a layered effect, creating a sense of depth and complexity. Each layer is carefully painted with floral elements, including brown branches, green leaves, and white flowers with prominent green centers and subtle pink detailing. This technique results in a dynamic and visually engaging piece that changes as the viewer's perspective shifts. The delicate rendering of the flowers and leaves combined with the transparency and layering effects gives this artwork a lifelike quality. The artwork is mounted on a solid, rectangular wooden base that provides stability and contributes to the piece's presentation. The base is darker in color, which contrasts nicely with the lightness of the glass and the vibrancy of the painted or affixed botanical elements. The craft and care that went into creating this piece are evident, making it a visually appealing and creative representation of natural beauty.