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Dave Newman - "On the way to the Burro Jim"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: On the way to the Burro Jim
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 48"h x 12"w

"On the way to the Burro Jim" is a vertical mixed media composition that features a collage of nostalgic Americana imagery, evoking the spirit of mid-20th century Route 66 culture. At the top, a weathered sign displays the Burro Jim Hotel against a sky blue background. Below the sign, there's an image of a large Native American sign against a bright sky, fading into a montage of various vintage elements. A portrait of a smiling woman next to an older refrigerator and a motel sign with an arrow. The composition includes a sleek vintage car in side profile, exuding the era's fascination with automotive design. The Mobile symbol accompanies the car. Toward the bottom, the collage presents a large saguaro cactus set against a desert landscape backdrop, reinforcing the Southwestern theme. Textures and intentional distressing throughout the piece create an aged effect, as if the elements were actual relics from a bygone era. The vibrant yet muted color palette includes predominantly earth tones, blues, and red accents, contributing to the vintage ambiance of the piece.