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Dave Newman - "Here Comes the Sun"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Here Comes the Sun
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 48"h x 28"w

"Here Comes the Sun" is a mixed media piece that incorporates collaged elements to create a vibrant and textured composition. The central figure is a cactus-like form constructed from license plate fragments and other found objects, showcasing three-dimensionality through their layering and orientation. Some of these found objects consist of repurposed materials such as rulers, measuring tapes, and model toy train tracks. To the right of the cactus is a paint can lid with a radiant gradient transitioning from yellow at the center to red around the edges, representing the sun. The background features a patchwork of blue and white in varying tones and shapes, reminiscent of a sky filled with clouds. Interspersed within this sky are squares and rectangles that give a sense of fragmentation or a window-like effect. Below the central cactus figure, there's a representation of a landscape featuring orange-brown rolling hills or mountains, which contrasts sharply with the more abstract and geometric elements of the background and main figure. The piece is energetic and utilizes a rich palette of colors to draw the viewer's attention to various details within the composition.