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Dave Newman - "Bison Series #9257"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Bison Series #9257
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 12"h x 12"w

"Bison Series #9257" is a mixed media piece featuring a central image of a bison. The bison is depicted against a rich, textured background with a variety of earthy tones. The perimeter of the artwork is framed with metal plates and rivets, giving the piece an industrial edge. Interspersed around the bison are portions of license plates. At the bottom of the piece, the word bison is scrawled across a yellow strip, which contrasts with the overall rustic and mechanical vibe of the artwork. The inclusion of these three-dimensional objects on the surface adds a tactile dimension to the work, creating an interesting dialogue between the representation of the natural animal and the man-made materials affixed to the canvas.