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Curtis Brannum - "ROAD TRIP"

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Artist: Curtis Brannum
Medium: Digital Art on Canvas
Dimensions: 24"h x 48"w

"ROAD TRIP" displays a digital painting capturing a scenic landscape. In the foreground, various types of vegetation, including shrubs and a prominent cactus, capture a desert-like environment. The brushwork used for the vegetation appears textured and loose, giving an impressionistic feel to the scene. The colors of the foliage ranges from muted greens to yellows, highlighting a sunlit quality. In the middle ground, rolling hills lead to a large, central mountain that dominates the composition. The mountain is painted with various shades of green, hinting at vegetation that covers its hilltops. The coloration and shading give the mountain a sense of volume and presence in the landscape. The background consists of a sky filled with clouds, artistically rendered with broad, sweeping strokes in shades of white and blue. These clouds contribute to the overall serene and expansive atmosphere of the painting. The artwork uses a palette that evokes a warm, natural setting. The brushstrokes throughout the painting are visible, giving the work a dynamic appearance. Overall, the piece evokes the tranquility of a wide, open landscape under a vast sky