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Christine Hausserman - "Bits of Me & You"

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Artist: Christine Hausserman
Title: Bits of Me & You
Medium: Glass and Acrylic on Aluminum
Dimensions: 36"h x 36"w

"Bits of Me & You" consists of a circular formation prominently featuring a deep blue color. The circle is not a solid piece but a ring, creating a hollow center. The dichoric glass varies in hue and reflectivity. Some tiles are a darker or lighter blue, while others appear almost purple, and a few have a more iridescent quality. Interspersed among these blue segments are striking orange-red square pieces, adding a dynamic contrast to the overall color scheme. The glass is set against a textured, neutral-toned acrylic background. This contrast in texture between the smooth, reflective tiles of the fused glass and the organic, rough background accentuates the meticulous placement and crafted feel of the work. The art piece conveys a sense of careful craftsmanship and may evoke various interpretations related to the symbolism of circles, contrasting colors, and the use of light-reflecting materials.