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Ana Maria Botero - "Lunar Lullaby"

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Artist: Ana Maria Botero
Title: Lunar Lullaby
Medium: Painted Glass Sculpture
Dimensions: 15"h x 6"w

"Lunar Lullaby" showcases a three-dimensional representation of a dandelion. The dandelion is shown in detail, with a fine green line of a slim stem arching upward. Meanwhile, the radiating blue lines with yellow tips form the distinctive spherical seed head of the dandelion and the individual seeds of the dandelion that are being dispersed by the wind. The glass sheets allows the viewer to see the depth of the hand painted artwork and the overlapping and intersecting lines of the dandelion puff to create a dynamic visual experience. The artwork is mounted on a wooden pedestal, which is integral to the piece and adds an earthy contrast to the delicate dandelion depiction. The overall impression is one of fragility, transience, and the beauty of nature captured in a solid, yet seemingly elegant form.