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Ana Maria Botero - "Guardian of the Desert"

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Artist: Ana Maria Botero
Title: Guardian of the Desert
Medium: Painted Glass Sculpture
Dimensions: 13"h x 6"w

"Guardian of the Desert" is a three-dimensional representation of a cactus, expertly crafted and displayed through a series of clear glass, which creates a layered, sectional effect. The cactus is portrayed in rich, natural colors, showing varied green hues for the body with detailed red-brown thorns that add texture to its surface. At the top, there is a burst of vibrant yellow and orange tones of a flowering bloom. Each glass pane features a slice of the cactus image, and when stacked together, they form the full depiction of the cactus. The sculpture is mounted on a wooden base, which adds an extra touch of warmth and stability to the display, contrasting the cool precision of the glass or acrylic panels. The artwork exemplifies a creative fusion of botany and modern art, achieving an almost lifelike portrayal of a cactus through non-traditional artistic media.